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Acerca de Rodrigo Valdepeña

Hi! How are you? Thank you for visiting my webpage. This is the section where every author describes itself like somebody distinguished and sophisticated. I’ll try to not do that. The truth is, i’m a random guy who want to make some money by doing the things i love to do. So, What i love to do? Basically i love storytelling. And that’s why i’m going to tell you the story of my life. It all began when my mom and dad… Mhhh… i guess we can skip this part. OK… Everything began in my childhood. I used to spend my time watching cartoons and i liked to draw it. So i decided i want to do that. Of course i didn’t knew those cartoons were not made in my country. Years passed and when the time arrived, i decided to study Graphic Design in the UAM Xochimilco. In the last year of the career i discovered the wonders of filmmaking creation. And finally i had my first approximation with the animation and filmmaking world. My last project was a 10 minutes short film called ‘Interior’. As expected, it was a little bit crappy, but it’s valuable because it’s the first. Shortly after i had the chance to study Filmmaking. All thanks to a concourse made by the Cinemex movie theater’s chains altogether with the Mexican Independent Filmmakers Association. As for my working life… I began working for a Media Planner whose top client was Hallmark Channel After that, i was in a VFX and animation studio that headed to the hell in the 2008 crisis. Finally i ended up as the Website Designer of where i was the design area Chief too. Until the end of 2012, due to the wonderful crisis of the 30 years, I quit my job to find my place in the world. So here we are! Again, thank you for visiting my webpage, i hope you can find something you like. If so, please recommend it. Ohh! and before you go… leave your comments and suggestions because they are very valuables.